Faberlic Consultant, Emily Seagren

Hey all, welcome to my Faberlic website! I’m Emily Seagren, wife, mom, and entrepreneur. I’m so excited to be one of the first Faberlic consultants in the USA. What an amazing opportunity!

A little bit about me…I live in Rockford, Illinois and come from a marketing background. I received my marketing degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago before social media, blogging, and influencing were even a thing. I am a self-taught online marketer and love everything about it. Read more…

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About Faberlic – Register for Free in Most Countries

Faberlic is a leading beauty company offering quality products within skin care, makeup, fragrance, body care, hair care, accessories, and wellness. About the company: Ranked 31st in the world – DSN Global Top 100 2021 Been in business for over 20 years Leading positions in 46 countries (recruit & sell worldwide) Expanding to Canada, Mexico,… Read More »About Faberlic – Register for Free in Most Countries

New MLM Company in Pre-Launch 2021 in the USA

We all know timing is a huge factor of success when it comes to joining MLM companies. Sometimes joining a network marketing company even 1 year after launch is too late. I believe joining the right company at the right time can make all the difference. I’d love to tell you a little bit more… Read More »New MLM Company in Pre-Launch 2021 in the USA

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