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Facebook Marketing for your Faberlic Business

Social media marketing is critical in today’s network marketing business. Learn about the different types of Facebook profiles and get some ideas on how to market your Faberlic business.

Facebook Profile vs. Page vs. Group

• Facebook Pages enable public figures, businesses, & organizations to create a public presence on FB

• FB profile (Friend Request) v FB Page (Become a Fan) v FB Group (Join Request)

• FB personal profile – get much more exposure than a business page

• Facebook page – see insights and keep all of your posts business related. Also you have an opportunity to create a call-to-action button and get reviews.

• Facebook group – shows up in personal news feed, you can upload files, and make it secret, private, or public

Facebook Quick Tips

• Provide helpful info (not just Faberlic related – be creative)

• Use Google Images to find cute pics and tag people when appropriate

• Use albums and events to engage users • Join groups and participate (find your niche, become an expert)

• Be creative to get more exposure

• Look at insights to figure out what’s working and what isn’t

• Limit your Facebook time, get on FB for work purposes, & then get off

• Talk about your Faberlic business on your personal profile

• Make new connections every day

• Post a variety of topics

• Don’t complain

• Be careful what you share

• Pay attention to what gets the most likes, shares, and comments

Facebook Personal vs. Page vs. Group Marketing

Marketing yourself on your Personal Profile

  • Tell stories about your business
  • Mix business in with personal
  • Be more subtle than on your page or group
  • Try and have a positive attitude
  • Does your personal profile represent your life?
  • Would you want to join your own team as a stranger?
  • Highlight accomplishments, post inspirational quotes, share interesting information

Marketing your Business on a Facebook Page

  • Can be a little more “sales pitchy” than on your personal profile
  • Try to engage your audience
  • Rotate posts: sales and recruiting posts
  • Rotate types of posts: image, link, update, video
  • Check your insights to determine what to post
  • Post at times where you get the most reach
  • Post multiple times per day to reach your audience

Why Post to a Facebook Group?

  • More interaction between members
  • You can post files and create guides in Facebook groups
  • Posts are more visible in groups than they are on pages
  • You can invite people to a group
  • Tag people within a group to bring their attention to a specific post
  • You can allow members to add members

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